Akane Ban


I am a Japanese freelance photographer currently based in England whilst studying BA(Hons) Photography at Coventry University. 

Having placed myself within an ideal environment to explore with curiosity classic cityscapes and culture in England, I now produce photographs that double as visual city guides as well as diary-like street scenes. They offer the viewers the luxurious experience of feelings as it were through their very own eyes.

My life and work merge together into a seamless journey of  both discovery and capturing said moments.  With natural light and colours of a minimalistic sense at the forefront of my capturing style, my photographic practice is often labelled as "Angled daily life with a hint of grunge" that conveys the essence and very atmosphere of a specific place.

Each project is approached in a courteous manner, and I ensure that a sensitive and thoughtful eye selects only well-considered creative works.


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