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“Storyteller” is a series of visual narrative story represented by Akane Ban who has been spending the time to have greater-understanding of her neighbourhood in Coventry.This project was created by constantly visiting the Coventry Watch Museum and capturing the scenes in a place where hidden stories are revealed by storytellers.

Storytelling is the conveying of events in words and visual documents shared as a means of cultural preservation, and its value is recognised as a traditional way of teaching past memories to the next generation.

This series of photographs is produced by a portrait of Leonard, one of the storytellers, a detailed shot of his fashion which reflects his motivation to be a storyteller and an image of his personal belongings- traditional watch made in Coventry in 1918.

Leonard has been working to preserve the history of Coventry as a volunteer. His passion for telling stories makes him who he is today. The existence of being a storyteller represents his identity and his relationship with the museum.

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