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Projects Stay, Leave?...Unite.
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An exploration of commercial fashion photography is inspired by the current situation of the UK fashion industry due to Brexit. This series of work focuses on the diverse ideas and reactions of the moments by international citizens since Brexit has an effect on not only local people but also international students or workers who live in the UK. 

In the summer of 2016, a majority of the UK citizens voted to leave the European Union, it set in motion a series of debates, conversations, and controversies which are still far from resolved. The British fashion industry relies on international trade, thrives on a global pool of talent — and has made no secret of its desire to remain in the EU. In fact, 90 percent of designers told the British Fashion Council they were voting remain.

Unlike political statement, this project is not supposed to be an aggressive way to discuss the political situation. The body of work with visual expression is created for designing products such as posters, t-shirts or tote bags in order to let younger to send out a message that is ‘Brexit isn’t a disaster for people, but an unprecedented opportunity to create an environment that delivers for EU citizens to unite’.

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